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Lady Libertas Talks about the Texas Social Studies Education Battle Tonight!

Lady Libertas is BACK from her crazy week of moving and just in time to be joined by Heather Liggett and Peggy Venable from the Texas Branch of the Americans for Prosperity TONIGHT.  We will be talking about the battle … Continue reading

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Lady Libertas gets the scoop from Common Sense Texans hosting Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates

Lady Libertas is giving three cheers for the Grassroots Alliance – Common Sense for Texans for their amazing work in hosting the Texas Gubernatorial Virtual Debates.  Lady Libertas was given the heads up from Greg Holloway, Board Member of Austin … Continue reading

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Liberal Spin on a Disaster – Left Claiming Joseph Stack is Tea Party Member

Lady Libertas is once again completely flabbergasted by the machinations of the Left and how the Main Stream Media falls right in line with their lies. There was a horrible disaster today.  A man in Texas apparently had a psychotic … Continue reading

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