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One RINO Down – Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah Loses Republican Nomination

Lady Libertas gives three cheers for the Conservatives of Utah who joined together and sent a resounding “NO RINO” message to DC and to Senator Bob Bennett. Lady Libertas had a delightful conversation with the front runner, Mike Lee, a … Continue reading

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Lady Libertas sees the Tea Party Express in Provo, Utah

Lady Libertas was standing on the steps of the Provo Courthouse as the Tea Party Express rolled into Provo, Utah this morning to a crowd of hundreds cheering Americans.  We braved gusty winds and chilly temps to be  thoroughly entertained … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Wishes from Lady Libertas

Christmas has always been a magickal time of the year for me.  It meant lots of family gatherings, yearly repeats of favorite traditions and, of course, Santa Claus!  The sights and sounds of Christmas are the best; the carols, the … Continue reading

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The Torch has landed…in Utah!

Thank you to all the readers of Lady Libertas who have been so patient as I have blinked in and out the past few weeks during my move.  The new beginning is in sight as I sit and try not … Continue reading

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