Lady Libertas is a Conservative Dissident, a Revolutionary, an Activist and a Patriot.

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Lady Libertas

At no other time in American history, except perhaps in 1773 were great minds and great energies required to come together to affect the direction of our nation.  A grass roots movement is needed to take back our country and I am tickled pink to add my voice and energy to the movement.

I proudly say that I am a Conservative and for years I have been careful to point out that since Reagan, Republicans that have claimed the Conservative platform have been few and far between.  I was 11 years old when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.  I remember it clearly.  Looking at the direction of our country in recent years and, especially, in recent months, I mourn the loss of that great man and his leadership.   I was a young Republican – I come from a military family and happily admit that I am a hawk in regards to our military and international relations.  I support our Troops as they are on the front lines of the war to make sure that I have the right to sit here and write a blog about my opinions.  I have always been interested in politics.  I remember Rush Limbaugh from the beginning and was a fan in the 80’s (and still am!).

I had an opportunity to live in the UK for some time recently.  I experienced Socialism first hand and I am here to tell you that it is NOT what we want for our country and we need to support our Allies in the UK who have been squashed by Labor.  But for the grace of our Constitution, that is where Obama is leading us.  We must raise our voices for TRUE Freedom in the world!

Most importantly, I am an American.  I love this country.  I would defend it to the death if need be.  I believe in the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.  I BELIEVE in America.  I believe in Americans.  I believe that we are a wonderful crazy mix of root nations and that somehow we have come together to create this marvelous hybrid that is known as an “American” but our Spirit is what makes us indomitable.  Our American Spirit.  and I have to believe that this terrifying display of tyranny of the Obamanation that is forcing us towards Socialism or worse will be stopped by that Spirit.  Because we are Americans and because we have already fought one tyrant and won.

Long Live Liberty and may She continue to bless the United States of America…I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me:  ladylibertas (at) gmail.com

If you have a small business that is operating in the Cause of Freedom, let me know and I will include your information on this blog!

All content is copyright protected – I am happy to share if I am notified properly.

Join Us!

Join Us!


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  1. Talcontar says:


  2. sandy mcconkey says:

    After Obama was elected I saw the media bias and realized that if I was going to get accurate news I had to get it from outside the United States, that’s when I found the Canada free press. Please review the link below. This person does research on our government. Bilderberg, Elite, Left, what ever you call them they seem to be the same people. This person takes articles in the news, highlights key people and organizations and shows how they connect to the Bilderberg. The amount of connections are unbelievable. The Bilderberg seem to have control over everyone and everything. I hope this information is helpful.

    Canada free press
    Editor’s Note: Sandy——could not help but notice in research that in joining the dots and following the money—all roads and all rogues lead back to Bilderberg.
    The hours of research in this section are posted in the hope that patriots and journalists alike can find the truth behind the moves by people who would steal our liberty and control our lives, and of course to make good use of the research presented.

  3. You have some great content. Visited you by chance and liked this place very much. Keep sharing. All the best.

  4. Peter says:

    Totally digging the blog. How have you beeeeen? Long time no see.

  5. Michael (drswebmaster on twitter) says:

    Love the blog ; ) Keep going!

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