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One RINO Down – Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah Loses Republican Nomination

Lady Libertas gives three cheers for the Conservatives of Utah who joined together and sent a resounding “NO RINO” message to DC and to Senator Bob Bennett. Lady Libertas had a delightful conversation with the front runner, Mike Lee, a … Continue reading

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Hey, Harry Reid – The Tea Party Express is coming to Searchlight

Lady Libertas is giving THREE THOUSAND CHEERS for the Great Patriots of the Tea Party Express and their sponsors! They are hosting a showdown at High Noon in Searchlight, Nevada (which happens to be Harry Reid’s hometown … and since … Continue reading

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A BIG Day in America! Harry Reid Controlled by Aliens?

Senator Harry Reid announced the following today: “Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good,” Reid said Friday on the Senate floor. BREAKING NEWS:  SENATOR HARRY REID IS BEING CONTROLLED … Continue reading

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From the Front Lines of Revolution – Kansas City, Missouri

Lady Libertas was sent some absolutely darling pics of Sen. Claire McCaskill  from Revolutionary Tweeps this morning… You are all familiar with Claire “If we don’t pass this thing, it’s Armageddon.” McCaskill – the freshman Democratic Senator from Missouri.  Claire … Continue reading

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