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Longing for the Good Old Days of the Cold War

Lady Libertas is a Cold War Kid and all these warm and fuzzies being proliferated by the Obama Administration make Lady Libertas long for the good ole days of the Cold War.  At least then the lines were very clearcut … Continue reading

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March 23 – A Day of Infamy – Obama, Hitler & Patrick Henry

Lady Libertas posted yesterday on the fact that the day that the Tyranny of Healthcare Reform Bill was signed into law by the Tyrant Want to Be Obama was coincidentally (NOT) also the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty” … Continue reading

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Obama mocks Patrick Henry on Anniversary of Liberty or Death Speech

Today is the Anniversary of the Patrick Henry famous “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech. Lady Libertas read the Patrick Henry speech this morning over and over again.  There are frequent quotes on Lady Libertas from Patrick Henry … Continue reading

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The Value of American Life & The End Game of Healthcare

Lady Libertas would like to talk about the Value of American Life today.  Lady Libertas wants each and every one of you to take a long hard look at your children today.  Your spouse.  Your parents.  Your siblings.  Your grandchildren.  … Continue reading

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Michael Steele – You are Fired.

Lady Libertas has had it with Michael Steele and the RNC.  Done.  Fed up.  Over it.  Get out of my face.  You are Fired. For at least the past 25 years, the RNC has moved further and further away from … Continue reading

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Obama – Down Boy!

At a time when world tension is high, the US is involved in a war on two fronts (at least), the economy is tanking and taking the world economy with it and we have innumerable psycho nations seeking nuclear capabilities, … Continue reading

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Jihad – War on America

Jihad is an islamic term meaning “struggle” and is considered to be a religious duty of Muslims.  It can be directed towards Satan, one’s own self or a visible enemy (the infidels – which would be you and me).  Since … Continue reading

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