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The Value of American Life & The End Game of Healthcare

Lady Libertas would like to talk about the Value of American Life today.  Lady Libertas wants each and every one of you to take a long hard look at your children today.  Your spouse.  Your parents.  Your siblings.  Your grandchildren.  … Continue reading

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A BIG Day in America! Harry Reid Controlled by Aliens?

Senator Harry Reid announced the following today: “Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good,” Reid said Friday on the Senate floor. BREAKING NEWS:  SENATOR HARRY REID IS BEING CONTROLLED … Continue reading

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Liberal Spin on a Disaster – Left Claiming Joseph Stack is Tea Party Member

Lady Libertas is once again completely flabbergasted by the machinations of the Left and how the Main Stream Media falls right in line with their lies. There was a horrible disaster today.  A man in Texas apparently had a psychotic … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Lady Libertas received this in an email today and thought I would share.  It is a great satire on the State of our Union. If Obama and our current Congress are allowed to continue promulgating a nanny state and supporting … Continue reading

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